Step by step for my walk across image

Wanted to give a Step by step of one of my older pieces. Will try and post more of these in the future.

Eddie del rio 01

step one, block in the big shapes in 3d. I've laid out the scene in clusters by depth. I have foreground, mid ground planes and my background planes

Eddie del rio 02

begin a fast lighting pass. I knew I wanted the scene to have the eerie natural lighting from above but I also wanted some point lights to help fill out the lighting scenario

Eddie del rio 03

now I begin to add the haze and atmosphere. Also decided to add in a few more elements into the piece like the large structure over head.

Eddie del rio 04

More large lighting and value adjustments. I still haven't begun finer details or textures yet. Only until I feel comfortable with the general lighting and large shapes will I begin to tackle those.

Eddie del rio 05

Now that I have my large shapes, values and depth worked out, I start the details and textures pass. The character was added in at the very end of the process.